Boxing also known as the art of self-defence or pugilism (fist fight), is one of the most popular sports today. Its origins are tracked back 4000 years BC in North Africa. There is also evidence of it being played in Greece and Rome. Over the years, it developed into being the sport it is today. Boxing not only requires a high level of athleticism, vitality and strength, but also a high level of concentration and endurance. 


Boxing is a community sport where people come together to improve themselves. It’s a sport that challenges you mentally and physically more than you ever thought possible. Although fighting is not required, testing your limits will be! It’s most certainly the best workout you’ve ever had.


All classes will include a variety of bag work, shadow boxing, and footwork. Students will also go through a variety of core, cardio, and strength exercises. Each class will be designed to teach professional boxing and self-defence skills. You will gain strength, hand-eye coordination, endurance, and confidence in a full body workout. As you increase your boxing capabilities, you can move on to more advanced skilled boxing training.

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