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Ladies Kickboxing

Our ladies-only, cardio-based kickboxing class is a non-contact based session that will improve your muscle tone and help with weight loss. The classes are suitable for ladies of all ages & abilities and will benefit you in:
• Weight loss
• Toning
• Confidence
• Fun
• Goal setting
• Sense of achievement

Your first set of classes will start by introducing you to fellow students and finding you a training partner. We'll then work on teaching you the warm-ups, some of the basic kicking and punching drills and the cooldown. Our program will start you slowly with warm-ups and drills that you will be able to handle and quickly master. Our aim is to build your confidence to allow you to push yourself harder and rapidly improve your fitness and skill level.

The classes are a great way for you to lose weight if you want to and will offer a natural and sustainable fitness level going forward. The kickboxing routines will allow you to become more flexible and supple, plus they will naturally tone your body.

We look forward to hearing from you and starting you on this new journey to a new you!

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