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These guidelines are for the safety of all people using our equipment, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Our company cannot accept any responsibility for any injury caused to anyone using this equipment or failing to wear the eye protection and body shield provided.

  1. Participants are required to wear the supplied eye protection and body shield correctly at all times whilst playing Nerf Games with RPMAA.

  2. Participants are not allowed to fire their Nerf guns at a close range to themselves or other players.

  3. Running within the games is limited, this is to reduce the possibility of injury.

  4. Our rules of fair play will be explained in the pre-game briefing by the RPMAA Supervisor or Instructors.

  5. No punching, kicking, grabbing, tackling, tripping or any action deemed to be of violent nature is allowed within any games, and will result in immediate exclusion of ALL games.  

  6. Children will be warned for repeated unfair play & may be excluded from games if failure to follow instructions continues.

  7. When leaving the game area, players must inform the Nerf Instructor and communicate their return to the Nerf Instructor.

  8. The party host is responsible for all players leaving the game area, such as going to the toilet, etc.

  9. All players must wear socks while playing games. 

  10. Players may be excluded from the game and asked to leave the arena totally at the organiser’s discretion if they fail to behave within the safety rules.

  11. Anyone caught stealing equipment or stock will be prosecuted according to the law.




1. I, the undersigned acknowledge that I have read or have been made aware of the safety rules pertaining to the participation by my child in RPMAA Nerf Wars parties, and that I understand these rules and accept the risks which are inherent in the participation in the aforementioned game.

2. I am aware and understand that participation in the game may potentially involve intensive physical and mental exertion.

3. I warrant as parent or guardian that my child is free from any medical condition that may endanger their life or wellbeing or the life or wellbeing of any other participant and that I have declared this to RPMAA.

4. By my signature hereto, I undertake not to hold the proprietor of RPMAA liable for any injury, loss or damage which I or my child might sustain whilst participating in the game(s) in the game area and academy or not and howsoever arising irrespective of whether such loss, injury or damage can be attributed to any act or omission of an employee of RPMAA.


I acknowledge that this release document was signed by me willingly and I certify that I am the parent/guardian of the child concerned.


A risk assessment has been conducted to identify possible hazards and put in place risk reduction control, to ensure practicable health, safety and welfare of persons playing and involved in the party. This may not be exhaustive and therefore other risks may still exist. No smoking is allowed in the academy or near access points. Signs denote this requirement.


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